GK questions and answers (UK)

Q1: Which is the longest river in the United Kingdom?

A    Thames

B    Severn

C    Trent

D    Great Ouse

Q2: First woman Prime minister of United Kingdom?

A    Margaret Thatcher

B    Theresa May

C    Angela Merkel

D    Elizabeth

Q3: What is the national bird of the United Kingdom?

A    Redwing

B    European robin

C    Bald eagle

D    Sparrow

Q4: Which of these countries was not a part of the former territories of the British Empire.

A    India

B    Sri Lanka

C    Nepal

D    Pakistan

Q5: Who was the first British astronaut in space?

A    Tim Peake

B    Michael Foale

C    Helen Sharman

D    Piers John Sellers

Q6: Who was the predecessor to Queen Elizabeth II?

A    Edward Albert Christian George

B    Albert Frederick Arthur George

C    George Frederick Ernest Albert

D    Albert Edward

Q7: First London olympics were held in the year

A    1908

B    1904

C    2010

D    2012

Q8: Which is the largest lake by size in the United Kingdom?

A    Loch Lomond

B    Loch Awe

C    Loch Shin

D    Lough Neagh

Q9: Which is the largest city in terms of area in the United Kingdom?

A    Glasgow

B    Birmingham

C    London

D    Bristol

Q10: Which of these countries is not part of United Kingdom?

A    England

B    Scotland

C    Wales

D    Ireland

Q11: Belfast is the capital of

A    England

B    Scotland

C    Wales

D    Northern Ireland

Q12: Edinburgh is the capital of

A    England

B    Scotland

C    Wales

D    Northern Ireland

Q13: Capital of England is

A    London

B    Belfast

C    Edinburgh

D    Bristol

Q14: Which of these cities is the capital city of Wales?

A    Cardiff

B    Bristol

C    Liverpool

D    Leeds

Q15: Which of these games is said to be invented in England?

A    Kabbadi

B    Hockey

C    Cricket

D    Baseball

Q16: Which of these lakes does not lie in the United Kingdom?

A    Loch Ness

B    Windermere

C    Llyn Tegid

D    Spencer Lake

Q17: First postage stamp used in a public postage system was called

A    Penny Black

B    Royal Stamp

C    National stamp of Great Britain

D    Stamp Official

Q18: Scottish Gaelic, Irish Gaelic, Welsh and Breton are

A    names of famous monuments in U.K.

B    languages spoken in U.K.

C    names of dishes.

D    dance forms in U.K.

Q19: JK Rowling, is best known as the author of

A    Harry Potter series of books

B    Pride and Prejudice

C    The Hobbit

D    Romeo and Juliet

Q20: Which of these dance forms is a form of English folk dance?

A    Rheinlander

B    Zwiefacher

C    Morris Dance

D    Lad's dance

Q21: Largest Royal home in the world is

A    Windsor Castle, U.K.

B    Dechencholing Palace, Bhutan

C    Tokyo Imperial Palace, Japan

D    Grand Palace, Thailand

Q22: Which of these countries is closest in terms of distance to the United Kingdom?

A    Netherlands

B    Germany

C    Denmark

D    Sweden

Q23: Which of these countries is situated towards South of United Kingdom?

A    Denmark

B    Iceland

C    Norway

D    France

Q24: Which of these cities is not in Scotland

A    Glasgow

B    Edinburgh

C    Dundee

D    Cardiff

Q25: Which of these cities is not in Wales

A    Newport

B    St Asaph

C    St Davids

D    Stirling

Q26: Arrange these cities of U.K. in the decreasing order of their distance from London. The city which is farthest from London should be first in the order.
(a) Glasgow
(b) Lancaster
(c) Bristol
(d) Canterbury

A    Lancaster, Glasgow, Bristol, Canterbury

B    Glasgow, Lancaster, Bristol, Canterbury

C    Glasgow, Lancaster, Canterbury, Bristol

D    Lancaster, Bristol, Glasgow, Canterbury