World geography GK questions

Q1: Which one of these cities is not the capital city of a country?

A    Kabul

B    Islamabad

C    Kathmandu

D    Paro

Q2: Which of these countries does not lie in Asia?

A    New Zealand

B    Philippines

C    Singapore

D    Maldives

Q3: The number of countries in Australian continent is

A    24

B    12

C    4

D    2

Q4: As a result of Brexit process, which of these countries withdrew from European Union?

A    United Kingdom

B    United States of America

C    Ukraine

D    Poland

Q5: Which of these states does not border Canada?

A    Idaho

B    Minnesota

C    Penn

D    Wisconsin

Q6: How many states of the United States are located between Canada and Mexico.

A    1

B    2

C    48

D    50

Q7: Towards the South, the United States has it's land border with which of these country?

A    Canada

B    Mexico

C    Cuba

D    Colombia

Q8: The Oroville dam is a major dam in the United States which is on the river

A    Colorado river

B    Cowlitz river

C    Columbia river

D    Feather river

Q9: Portland city lies in which state?

A    Kansas

B    Louisiana

C    Maryland

D    Maine

Q10: In which state does Charleston city lie in?

A    South Carolina

B    South Dakota

C    Oregon

D    Texas

Q11: Which is the largest state in America?

A    Alaska

B    Texas

C    California

D    Montana

Q12: In terms of area, which is the smallest state in America?

A    Hawaii

B    Connecticut

C    Delaware

D    Rhode Island

Q13: Which of these states does not border Mexico?

A    California

B    Arizona

C    Texas

D    Oklahoma

Q14: Which of these states does not have a sea coast?

A    Georgia

B    Florida

C    Oregon

D    Tennessee

Q15: Which is the tallest dam in the United States.

A    Hoover Dam

B    Oroville Dam

C    Dworshak Dam

D    Shasta Dam