Australia Geography questions

Q1: Which is the largest city in Australia by area?

A    Sydney

B    Melbourne

C    Brisbane

D    Perth

Q2: Which of these cities do not lie in the country Australia?

A    Adelaide

B    Hamilton

C    Perth

D    Darwin

Q3: Number of States in Australia is

A    4

B    5

C    6

D    10

Q4: Number of Federal territories in Australia is

A    8

B    10

C    12

D    6

Q5: Capital city of Western Australia is?

A    Darwin

B    Sydney

C    Adelaide

D    Perth

Q6: Brisbane is the capital city of?

A    South Australia

B    New South Wales

C    Queensland

D    Victoria

Q7: Melbourne is the capital city of?

A    South Australia

B    New South Wales

C    Queensland

D    Victoria

Q8: Great Barrier Reef located at which side of Australia?

A    South-west

B    South-east

C    West

D    North-east

Q9: Which of these countries is larger than Australia in size.

A    Kazakhstan

B    Argentina

C    India

D    Brazil

Q10: Which of these countries is smaller than Australia in size.

A    Canada

B    United States of America

C    Kazakhstan

D    China

Q11: World's largest sand island is

A    Stradbroke Island

B    Fraser Island

C    Moreton Island

D    Bribie Island

Q12: Which of these is not a neighbouring country of Australia

A    Indonesia

B    East Timor

C    Papua New Guinea

D    Brazil

Q13: Australia shares land border with

A    New Zealand

B    Indonesia

C    East Timor

D    None of these.

Q14: Australia's longest river is

A    Murray River

B    Darling River

C    Lachlan River

D    Paroo River

Q15: Australia's largest lake is

A    Blue lake

B    Lake Eyre

C    Lake Hillier

D    Lake Gairdner

Q16: How much of Australia is classified as desert?

A    10 %

B    15 %

C    25 %

D    35 %

Q17: Brisbane Ranges National Park is in

A    Victoria

B    Queensland

C    Western Australia

D    South Australia

Q18: Which is the tallest waterfall in Australia?

A    Jim Jim falls

B    Russell falls

C    Wallaman falls

D    Wollomombi falls

Q19: The landmark Katu Tjuta is also known as

A    Uluru

B    The Olgas

C    Great Barrier Reef

D    Great Ocean road

Q20: Queensland does not have a common border with

A    Western Australia

B    Northern Territory

C    South Australia

D    New South Wales