General awareness questions (Canada)

Q1: Who was the first Prime minister of Canada?

A    Sir John A. Macdonald

B    Alexander Mackenzie

C    Sir John Abbott

D    Sir Charles Tupper

Q2: Who was the first woman Prime minister of Canada?

A    Nellie McClung

B    Kim Campbell

C    Elizabeth May

D    Michelle Rempel

Q3: Who was the longest servingPrime minister of Canada?

A    Arthur Meighen

B    William Lyon Mackenzie

C    Paul Martin

D    Brian Mulroney

Q4: The number of provinces in Canada are

A    4

B    6

C    8

D    10

Q5: Which of these is not a province in Canada?

A    Alberta

B    British Columbia

C    Newfoundland and Labrador

D    Prince Edward Island

E    Yukon

Q6: Which of these is not a territory in Canada?

A    Yukon

B    Northwest Territories

C    Nunavut

D    Ontario

Q7: Which is the longest river in Canada?

A    Mackenzie River

B    Yukon river

C    Saint Lawrence River

D    Nelson River

Q8: What is the capital city of British Columbia?

A    Vancouver

B    Victoria

C    Charlottetown

D    Toronto

Q9: Which is the longest bridge in Canada?

A    Beverly Bridge

B    Lion's Gate Bridge

C    Confederation Bridge

D    Ambassador Bridge

Q10: Edmonton is the capital city of

A    Ontario

B    Alberta

C    Manitoba

D    Prince Edward Island

Q11: Which of these is one of the official language of Canada?

A    German

B    Russian

C    French

D    Punjabi

Q12: Canada celebrates it's Independence day on

A    1st May

B    26th October

C    1st July

D    1st June

Q13: What is the National currency of Canada?

A    Pound

B    Euro

C    Yen

D    None of these.

Q14: Which of these lines of smart phones were originally designed and marketed by Canadian company?

A    Nokia

B    BlackBerry

C    Samsung

D    LG

Q15: What is the National animal of Canada?

A    Beaver

B    Tiger

C    White tiger

D    Snow Leopard

Q16: Which of these is one of the National sports of Canada.

A    Lacrosse

B    Hockey

C    Skiing

D    Boat race

Q17: Canada Science and Technology Museum is located in

A    Vancouver

B    Montreal

C    Ottawa

D    Halifax

Q18: All of these well known personalities are Canadians, except

A    Celine Dion

B    Justin Bieber

C    Kate Winslet

D    Pamela Anderson

Q19: Which of these is a Canadian multinational corporation

A    Essar steel

B    The Descartes Systems Group Inc

C    Colt Technology Services

D    Gazprom

Q20: Canadian bank notes are commonly not available in which of these denomination.

A    1

B    5

C    10

D    20

Q21: The term 'loonie' is also used for

A    One dollar coin

B    Two dollar coin

C    Five dollar note

D    Hundred dollar note

Q22: The leaf on the Canadian flag consists of

A    11-pointed maple leaf

B    15-pointed maple leaf

C    10-pointed maple leaf

D    18-pointed maple leaf

Q23: Canada is not a member of which of these organisations.

A    World Trade Organization


C    G20


Q24: In 2018, which of these Canadian nationals received Nobel price in Physics for the for the invention of chirped pulse amplification.

A    Donna Strickland

B    Arthur B. McDonald

C    Willard S. Boyle

D    Alice Munro

Q25: In Canada, which of these days is to remember the members of their armed forces who have died in the line of duty.

A    Remembrance Day

B    Independence day

C    Veterans day

D    Martyr's day

Q26: Who was the first Canadian in space?

A    Roberta Lynn Bondar

B    Chris Hadfield

C    Marc Garneau

D    Steve MacLean

Q27: The indigenous people of Newfoundland are known as

A    Red Indians

B    beothuks

C    Nenet

D    Bayaka