General Knowledge Questions and answers (Canada)

Q1: Who was the first Prime minister of Canada?

A    Sir John A. Macdonald

B    Alexander Mackenzie

C    Sir John Abbott

D    Sir Charles Tupper

Q2: Who was the first woman Prime minister of Canada?

A    Nellie McClung

B    Kim Campbell

C    Elizabeth May

D    Michelle Rempel

Q3: Who was the longest servingPrime minister of Canada?

A    Arthur Meighen

B    William Lyon Mackenzie

C    Paul Martin

D    Brian Mulroney

Q4: The number of provinces in Canada are

A    4

B    6

C    8

D    10

Q5: Which of these is not a province in Canada?

A    Alberta

B    British Columbia

C    Newfoundland and Labrador

D    Prince Edward Island

E    Yukon

Q6: Which of these is not a territory in Canada?

A    Yukon

B    Northwest Territories

C    Nunavut

D    Ontario

Q7: Which is the longest river in Canada?

A    Mackenzie River

B    Yukon river

C    Saint Lawrence River

D    Nelson River

Q8: What is the capital city of British Columbia?

A    Vancouver

B    Victoria

C    Charlottetown

D    Toronto

Q9: Which is the longest bridge in Canada?

A    Beverly Bridge

B    Lion's Gate Bridge

C    Confederation Bridge

D    Ambassador Bridge

Q10: Edmonton is the capital city of

A    Ontario

B    Alberta

C    Manitoba

D    Prince Edward Island

Q11: Which of these is one of the official language of Canada?

A    German

B    Russian

C    French

D    Punjabi

Q12: Canada celebrates it's Independence day on

A    1st May

B    26th October

C    1st July

D    1st June

Q13: What is the National currency of Canada?

A    Pound

B    Euro

C    Yen

D    None of these.

Q14: Which of these lines of smart phones were originally designed and marketed by Canadian company?

A    Nokia

B    BlackBerry

C    Samsung

D    LG

Q15: What is the National animal of Canada?

A    Beaver

B    Tiger

C    White tiger

D    Snow Leopard

Q16: Which of these is one of the National sports of Canada.

A    Lacrosse

B    Hockey

C    Skiing

D    Boat race

Q17: Canada Science and Technology Museum is located in

A    Vancouver

B    Montreal

C    Ottawa

D    Halifax

Q18: All of these well known personalities are Canadians, except

A    Celine Dion

B    Justin Bieber

C    Kate Winslet

D    Pamela Anderson

Q19: Which of these is a Canadian multinational corporation

A    Essar steel

B    The Descartes Systems Group Inc

C    Colt Technology Services

D    Gazprom

Q20: Canadian bank notes are commonly not available in which of these denomination.

A    1

B    5

C    10

D    20

Q21: The term 'loonie' is also used for

A    One dollar coin

B    Two dollar coin

C    Five dollar note

D    Hundred dollar note

Q22: The leaf on the Canadian flag consists of

A    11-pointed maple leaf

B    15-pointed maple leaf

C    10-pointed maple leaf

D    18-pointed maple leaf

Q23: Canada is not a member of which of these organisations.

A    World Trade Organization


C    G20


Q24: In 2018, which of these Canadian nationals received Nobel price in Physics for the for the invention of chirped pulse amplification.

A    Donna Strickland

B    Arthur B. McDonald

C    Willard S. Boyle

D    Alice Munro

Q25: In Canada, which of these days is to remember the members of their armed forces who have died in the line of duty.

A    Remembrance Day

B    Independence day

C    Veterans day

D    Martyr's day

Q26: Who was the first Canadian in space?

A    Roberta Lynn Bondar

B    Chris Hadfield

C    Marc Garneau

D    Steve MacLean

Q27: The indigenous people of Newfoundland are known as

A    Red Indians

B    beothuks

C    Nenet

D    Bayaka

Q28: Which is the largest city in Canada?

A    Montreal

B    Toronto

C    Vancouver

D    Calgary

Q29: What is the capital city of Ontario?

A    Montreal

B    Toronto

C    Victoria

D    Regina

Q30: What is the capital city of Quebec?

A    Quebec City

B    Montreal

C    Halifax

D    Moncton

Q31: What is the capital city of Nova Scotia?

A    Calgary

B    Saskatoon

C    Moncton

D    Halifax

Q32: What is the capital city of New Brunswick?

A    Moncton

B    Winnipeg

C    Fredericton

D    Vancouver

Q33: What is the capital city of Manitoba?

A    Winnipeg

B    Montreal

C    Halifax

D    Moncton

Q34: What is the capital city of British Columbia?

A    Victoria

B    Vancouver

C    Charlottetown

D    Saskatoon

Q35: What is the capital city of Prince Edward Island?

A    Summerside

B    Montague

C    Stratford

D    Charlottetown

Q36: What is the capital city of Saskatchewan?

A    Moose Jaw

B    Saskatoon

C    Regina

D    Swift Current

Q37: What is the capital city of Alberta?

A    Edmonton

B    Calgary

C    Leduc

D    Grande Prairie

Q38: What is the capital city of Newfoundland and Labrador?

A    Mount Pearl

B    St. John's

C    Corner Brook

D    Grand Falls-Windsor

Q39: The number of provinces in Canada is

A    8

B    9

C    10

D    12

Q40: The number of territories in Canada is

A    3

B    4

C    8

D    10

Q41: Which is the longest river in Canada?

A    Saint Lawrence River

B    Slave River

C    Mackenzie River

D    Peace River

Q42: Which of these is not a river in Canada?

A    South Saskatchewan River

B    Thames river

C    Fraser River

D    Liard River

Q43: In which continent is Canada situated?

A    North America

B    South America

C    Europe

D    Asia

Q44: The Mackenzie river empties into

A    Atlantic ocean

B    Arctic Ocean

C    Pacific ocean

D    Hudson bay

Q45: The northernmost point within the boundaries of Canada is

A    Middle Island

B    Fort Conger

C    Cape Columbia

D    Cambridge bay

Q46: Highest mountain in Canada is

A    Mount Logan

B    Mount Sir Donald

C    Mount Robson

D    Mount Edith Cavell

Q47: The easternmost point of the Canadian mainland is

A    Port Hardy

B    Cape Columbia,

C    Cambridge bay

D    Elijah Point

Q48: Out of the given cities, which one is the southernmost city?

A    Quebec City

B    Toronto

C    Ottawa

D    Montreal

Q49: Which of these cities is farthest from Toronto?

A    Quebec City

B    Regina

C    Edmonton

D    Vancouver

Q50: Which of these Islands does not lie in Hudson bay?

A    Perley Island

B    Etolin Island

C    Mansel Island

D    Coats Island

Q51: Which of these provinces does not have a shore on Hudson bay?

A    Manitoba

B    Ontario

C    Alberta

D    Quebec

Q52: In 1867 Canada got Independence from which of these countries?

A    France

B    Great Britain

C    United States of America

D    Russia

Q53: In which year did Canada get it's independence from the Great Britain?

A    1 July 1867

B    15 August 1947

C    1 May 1607

D    1 January 1910

Q54: Who was the founder of conservative party of Canada?

A    Stephan Harper

B    George Brown

C    Andrew Scheer

D    Tommy Douglas

Q55: Who was the founder of Liberal party of Canada?

A    Stephan Harper

B    George Brown

C    Andrew Scheer

D    Tommy Douglas

Q56: The Toronto stock exchange was established in

A    1850

B    1852

C    1875

D    1890

Q57: The National gallery of Canada was founded in

A    1850

B    1860

C    1870

D    1880

Q58: When was the Canadian space agency established?

A    1979

B    1989

C    1995

D    1998

Q59: Which of these was the first Bank of Canada.

A    Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce

B    Royal Bank of Canada

C    Bank of Montreal

D    Toronto-Dominion Bank

Q60: The current National flag of Canada was adopted on

A    February 15, 1975

B    February 15, 1965

C    January 15, 1985

D    Januyary 15, 1955

Q61: Who won a nobel peace prize for peacemaking during the Suez Crisis?

A    Richard Bennett

B    Fred Loft

C    Lester B. Pearson

D    None of these.

Q62: When did Halifax explosion occur

A    1905

B    1917

C    1936

D    1954

Q63: Worst economic downturn in the history of the industrialized world and Canada from 1929 to 1939 is called

A    Subprime crisis

B    Stock exchange crisis

C    Industrial crisis

D    The Great Depression

Q64: Which province was the last one to join Canada?

A    Newfoundland

B    Alberta

C    Quebec

D    Saskatchewan

Q65: What name is commonly used to refer to the British subjects who fled to Canada during and after the American Revolution?

A    Homecomers

B    United Empire Loyalists

C    Southern migrants

D    None of these.

Q66: Which American war helped convince Canadians and their leaders to unite and form a federation in the north?

A    World war 1

B    World war 2

C    The Civil War

D    Mahdist war

Q67: What is the name commonly given to the political and social movement that swept Quebec in the beginning of the 1960’s?

A    The Quiet Revolution

B    Canadian Revolution

C    The Great Depression

D    None of these.

Q68: Arrange these former Prime ministers of Canada in order in which they held office. (Earliest first)
(a) Sir Wilfrid Laurier
(b) Sir John A. Macdonald
(c) Paul Martin
(d) John Turner

A    b – a – d – c

B    a – b – d – c

C    a – b – c – d

D    d – c – a – b

Q69: Arrange these events in the order in which they happened. (Earliest first)
(a) World war 2
(b) Paris Peace Conference
(c) The Quiet Revolution
(d) Battle of Second Ypres

A    c – b – a – d

B    d – a – b – c

C    d – b – a – c

D    b – a – c – d

Q70: The first woman elected to Canadian Parliament was

A    Sheila Copps

B    Michelle Dockrill

C    Elizabeth Hanson

D    Agnes Macphail

Q71: Who was the the first woman in Canadian history to give birth to a child while sitting as a federal Member of Parliament.

A    Cairine Wilson

B    Sheila Copps

C    Barbara Hanley

D    Ellen Fairclough

Q72: Who was Canada's first woman mayor.

A    Flora MacDonald

B    Bertha Wilson

C    Barbara Hanley

D    Rita Johnston