UK History questions

Q1: Arrange these historic events in the order they happened. (Earliest first)
(a) The Slave Trade Act
(b) The Second World War
(c) The Battle of Waterloo
(d) The Glorious Revolution

A    (a) The Slave Trade Act
(d) The Glorious Revolution
(c) The Battle of Waterloo
(b) The Second World War

B    (d) The Glorious Revolution
(a) The Slave Trade Act
(c) The Battle of Waterloo
(b) The Second World War

C    (c) The Battle of Waterloo
(d) The Glorious Revolution
(a) The Slave Trade Act
(b) The Second World War

D    (d) The Glorious Revolution
(a) The Slave Trade Act
(b) The Second World War
(c) The Battle of Waterloo

Q2: Arange these people according to their Birth year. (Earliest born first)

(A) Margaret Thatcher
(B) Charles Darwin
(C) Isaac Newton
(D) Winston Churchil

A    A – B – D – C

B    D – B – A – C

C    C – B – D – A

D    A – C – B – D

Q3: The Kingdom of Great Britain came into being on

A    1 May 1807

B    1 May 1707

C    1 May 1607

D    1 May 1507

Q4: Who was the first monarch of the Great Britain.

A    Queen Anne

B    Queen Alexandrina Victoria

C    King Albert Edward

D    King William Henry

Q5: Acts of Union 1800 refers to which historic event.

A    Unification of the Kingdom of England and the Kingdom of Scotland

B    Formation of Common wealth of Nations

C    Union of Canada with Commonwealth nations

D    Unification of the Kingdom of Great Britain and the Kingdom of Ireland

Q6: Who was the first prime minister of Great Britain?

A    John Stuart

B    Robert Walpole

C    Frederick North

D    Henry Pelham

Q7: Which of these countries was never a part of the British empire?

A    India

B    Pakistan

C    Bangladesh

D    Nepal

Q8: King George I was the son of

A    Prince Frederick and Augusta of Saxe-Gotha

B    George III and Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz

C    Ernest Augustus of Brunswick-Lüneburg and Sophia of Hanover

D    James II and Anne Hyde

Q9: The shortest-reigning monarch of England and Ireland.

A    King George I

B    Lady Jane Grey

C    King George II

D    Queen Victoria

Q10: The youngest British monarch at the start of her reign was

A    Mary, Queen of Scots

B    Queen Victoria

C    Lady Jane Grey

D    None of these.

Q11: The youngest British King was

A    King George III

B    King William IV

C    King Henry VI

D    King Edward VII

Q12: Who was the only British Prime Minister ever to be assassinated?

A    Harold Wilson

B    Spencer Perceval

C    Sir Edward Heath

D    Charles Watson

Q13: The only Solicitor General or Attorney General to become Prime Minister?

A    Baroness Margaret Thatcher

B    Spencer Perceval

C    David Cameron

D    James Callaghan

Q14: Which British monarch was first given the title ‘Empress of India’?

A    Queen Victoria

B    Queen Anne

C    Queen Elizabeth II

D    Queen Charlotte

Q15: Who is the longest serving Prime minister in British history?

A    William Ewart Gladstone

B    William Pitt the Younger

C    Sir Robert Walpole

D    Margaret Thatcher

Q16: Which monarch succeeded Queen Victoria?

A    Edward VII

B    George V

C    William IV

D    George IV

Q17: Battle of Waterloo was fought in the year

A    1750

B    1890

C    1910

D    1815

Q18: In the battle of Waterloo, the British-led allied army was under the command of

A    Marshal Blücher

B    Duke of Wellington

C    Napoleon Bonaparte

D    None of these.

Q19: The 1707 Acts of Union declared that the kingdoms of ............ and ............ were united into one Kingdom by the name of Great Britain.

A    Wales and Scotland

B    England and Scotland

C    England and Wales

D    Northern Ireland and Scotland

Q20: Operation Hurricane in the year 1952 was the first test of a

A    British space satellite

B    British intercontinental missile

C    British moon mission

D    British atomic device