General awareness questions (U.K.)

Q1: Which is the longest river in the United Kingdom?

A    Thames

B    Severn

C    Trent

D    Great Ouse

Q2: First woman Prime minister of United Kingdom?

A    Margaret Thatcher

B    Theresa May

C    Angela Merkel

D    Elizabeth

Q3: What is the national bird of the United Kingdom?

A    Redwing

B    European robin

C    Bald eagle

D    Sparrow

Q4: Which of these countries was not a part of the former territories of the British Empire.

A    India

B    Sri Lanka

C    Nepal

D    Pakistan

Q5: Who was the first British astronaut in space?

A    Tim Peake

B    Michael Foale

C    Helen Sharman

D    Piers John Sellers

Q6: Who was the predecessor to Queen Elizabeth II?

A    Edward Albert Christian George

B    Albert Frederick Arthur George

C    George Frederick Ernest Albert

D    Albert Edward

Q7: First London olympics were held in the year

A    1908

B    1904

C    2010

D    2012

Q8: Which is the largest lake by size in the United Kingdom?

A    Loch Lomond

B    Loch Awe

C    Loch Shin

D    Lough Neagh

Q9: Which is the largest city in terms of area in the United Kingdom?

A    Glasgow

B    Birmingham

C    London

D    Bristol

Q10: Which of these countries is not part of United Kingdom?

A    England

B    Scotland

C    Wales

D    Ireland

Q11: Belfast is the capital of

A    England

B    Scotland

C    Wales

D    Northern Ireland

Q12: Edinburgh is the capital of

A    England

B    Scotland

C    Wales

D    Northern Ireland

Q13: Capital of England is

A    London

B    Belfast

C    Edinburgh

D    Bristol

Q14: Which of these cities is the capital city of Wales?

A    Cardiff

B    Bristol

C    Liverpool

D    Leeds

Q15: Which of these games is said to be invented in England?

A    Kabbadi

B    Hockey

C    Cricket

D    Baseball

Q16: Which of these lakes does not lie in the United Kingdom?

A    Loch Ness

B    Windermere

C    Llyn Tegid

D    Spencer Lake

Q17: First postage stamp used in a public postage system was called

A    Penny Black

B    Royal Stamp

C    National stamp of Great Britain

D    Stamp Official

Q18: Scottish Gaelic, Irish Gaelic, Welsh and Breton are

A    names of famous monuments in U.K.

B    languages spoken in U.K.

C    names of dishes.

D    dance forms in U.K.

Q19: JK Rowling, is best known as the author of

A    Harry Potter series of books

B    Pride and Prejudice

C    The Hobbit

D    Romeo and Juliet

Q20: Which of these dance forms is a form of English folk dance?

A    Rheinlander

B    Zwiefacher

C    Morris Dance

D    Lad's dance

Q21: Largest Royal home in the world is

A    Windsor Castle, U.K.

B    Dechencholing Palace, Bhutan

C    Tokyo Imperial Palace, Japan

D    Grand Palace, Thailand

Q22: Elizabeth tower also known as the Clock tower of London was designed by

A    John Vanbrugh

B    Augustus Pugin

C    Nicholas Hawksmoor

D    John Nash

Q23: Arrange these former Prime ministers of the United Kingdom in order in which they held office. (Earliest first)
(a) Gordon Brown
(b) James Callaghan
(c) Tony Blair
(d) Margaret Thatcher

A    c, d, c, a

B    a, c, b, d

C    d, c, a, b

D    d, c, b, a

Q24: Which of these is the oldest and largest occupied castle in the world.

A    Windsor castle

B    Leeds castle

C    Dover castle

D    Warwick castke

Q25: For elections to the House of Commons, the UK is divided into ...... constituencies

A    550

B    650

C    750

D    850

Q26: Who is the commander-in-chief of the armed forces of the United Kingdom?

A    Secretary of State for Defence

B    Prime minister

C    Defence minister

D    British monarch

Q27: The largest bypass road in UK and in the world is

A    M25 motorway

B    M3 motorway

C    M20 motorway

D    M40 motorway

Q28: A census is taken simultaneously in all parts of the UK every ........ years

A    four

B    five

C    seven

D    ten

Q29: The second most spoken language in UK after English is

A    Spanish

B    German

C    Polish

D    French

Q30: The United Kingdom is not a member of which of these organisations


B    World trade organisation


D    Commonwealth of Nations

Q31: The United Kingdom is a nation having

A    parliamentary democracy and constitutional monarchy

B    oligarchy

C    absolute monarchy

D    communist government

Q32: UK was ......... country to develop and test a nuclear weapon.

A    first

B    second

C    third

D    fourth

Q33: The smallest country of the United Kingdom is

A    England

B    Scotland

C    Wales

D    Northern Ireland

Q34: "God Save the Queen" is the national anthem of the United Kingdom and one of two national anthems of which of these countries

A    Australia

B    Canada

C    New Zealand

D    Ireland

Q35: Which is the oldest bank in UK.

A    Hoare & Co

B    Royal Bank of Scotland

C    Bank of England

D    Barclays

Q36: The first newspaper published in Britain was

A    Lloyd's News

B    The Oxford Gazette

C    Norwich Post

D    The Courier

Q37: Which of these is a British telecommunications company

A    Google

B    Apple

C    Binatone

D    HTC

Q38: The first British aircraft carrier was

A    HMS Glorious

B    HMS Argus

C    HMS Courageous

D    HMS Furious

Q39: The national flower of England is

A    Tudor Rose

B    Thistle

C    Leek

D    Flax flower

Q40: The national animal of Scotland is

A    Lion

B    Unicorn

C    Red Dragon

D    Horse

Q41: Patron Saint of Northern Ireland is

A    St. Patrick

B    St. David

C    St. Andrew

D    St. George

Q42: Which of these appear on the flag of Wales

A    Cross of Saint Andrew

B    Saint George's Cross

C    The Red Dragon

D    Crown, and Red Hand of Ulster

Q43: National personification of United Kingdom is

A    Marianne

B    Hellas

C    Melita

D    Britannia

Q44: The first railway station built in UK was

A    Manchester Liverpool road

B    Deptford

C    Greenwich

D    London Bridge

Q45: Which of these inventors/scientists was British?

A    Isaac Newton

B    Louis Pasteur

C    Galileo Ferraris

D    Albert Einstein

Q46: The first British satellite was

A    Apollo 1

B    Sputnik

C    Ariel 1

D    GSAT 1

Q47: English computer scientist Tim Berners-Lee is credited with

A    inventing the World Wide Web

B    inventing the microphone

C    inventing the touch enabled screen

D    inventing the short message service

Q48: Buckingham Palace is

A    home of the Prime minister

B    Parliament building

C    home of the British monarch

D    a museum

Q49: Which of these animals is native to UK

A    Raccoon

B    Red Squirrel

C    Zebra

D    Rhino

Q50: Which is the tallest building in the United Kingdom

A    One Canada Square

B    The Shard

C    Heron Tower

D    Leadenhall Building