Geography Quiz questions (U.K.)

Q1: Which of these countries is closest in terms of distance to the United Kingdom?

A    Netherlands

B    Germany

C    Denmark

D    Sweden

Q2: Which of these countries is situated towards South of United Kingdom?

A    Denmark

B    Iceland

C    Norway

D    France

Q3: Which of these cities is not in Scotland

A    Glasgow

B    Edinburgh

C    Dundee

D    Cardiff

Q4: Which of these cities is not in Wales

A    Newport

B    St Asaph

C    St Davids

D    Stirling

Q5: Arrange these cities of U.K. in the decreasing order of their distance from London. The city which is farthest from London should be first in the order.
(a) Glasgow
(b) Lancaster
(c) Bristol
(d) Canterbury

A    Lancaster, Glasgow, Bristol, Canterbury

B    Glasgow, Lancaster, Bristol, Canterbury

C    Glasgow, Lancaster, Canterbury, Bristol

D    Lancaster, Bristol, Glasgow, Canterbury

Q6: Which of these counties does the River Severn NOT pass through?

A    Powys

B    Shropshire

C    Worcestershire

D    Hampshire

Q7: The North Channel is the strait between

A    Great Britain and Ireland

B    Great Britain and France

C    Great Britain and Netherlands

D    Great Britain and Belgium

Q8: Which is the highest mountain in U.K.

A    Ben Macdui

B    Cairn Toul

C    Ben Nevis

D    Carn Mor Dearg

Q9: Which is the suthernmost point on mainland Great Britain.

A    Dodman point

B    Lizard point

C    Gorran point

D    Hemmick beach

Q10: Which of these cities is more towards North compared to the others.

A    Edinburgh

B    Liverpool

C    Leeds

D    Glasgow

Q11: Which of these Scottish cities is not on the coast?

A    Dundee

B    Aberdeen

C    Glasgow

D    Edinburgh

Q12: Which of these cities does not lie in Scotland?

A    Glasgow

B    Dundee

C    Aberdeen

D    Liverpool

Q13: Which of these cities do not lie in Wales?

A    Cardiff

B    Swansea

C    Sheffield

D    Newport

Q14: Which of these cities does not lie in England?

A    Durham

B    Wrexham

C    Exeter

D    Southampton

Q15: Which of these cities is not in Northern Ireland?

A    Londonderry

B    Port Talbot

C    Antrim

D    Lisburn

Q16: Which of these counties does not have shore on lake Lough Neagh?

A    Fermanagh

B    Antrim

C    Down

D    Londonderry

Q17: Lough Neagh is a

A    Salt water lake

B    Sea

C    Fresh water lake

D    River

Q18: Cairngorms national park is in

A    Northern Ireland

B    Scotland

C    Wales

D    England

Q19: Which of these National parks is not in Wales?

A    Exmoor national park

B    Brecon national park

C    Pembrokeshire national park

D    Snowdonia national park

Q20: The longest river in Scotland is

A    River Tweed

B    River Tay

C    River Clyde

D    River Nith

Q21: Which is the only part of the United Kingdom that shares a land border with another sovereign state?

A    England

B    Scotland

C    Wales

D    Northern Ireland

Q22: Arrange these countries of the U.K. in decreasing order of their area. (Region with largest area first, followed by second largest and so on)

A    England – Scotland – Wales – Northern Ireland

B    Northern Ireland – Scotland – Wales – England

C    Wales – Northern Ireland – England – Scotland

D    England – Scotland – Northern Ireland – Wales

Q23: The highest peak in Northern Ireland is

A    Snowdon

B    Scafell Pike

C    Slieve Donard

D    Beinn Nibheis

Q24: The highest peak in Scotland is

A    Snowdon

B    Scafell Pike

C    Slieve Donard

D    Beinn Nibheis

Q25: How many British Overseas Territories are there?

A    12

B    14

C    15

D    17

Q26: The English Channel separates northern France from

A    northern England

B    eastern England

C    western England

D    southern England

Q27: The approximate length of English channel s about

A    560 Km

B    820 Km

C    980 Km

D    1230 Km

Q28: Which of these cities is not on the English Channel coast

A    Southampton

B    Plymouth

C    Portsmouth

D    Cardiff