U.S.A. History quiz questions

Q1: Which of these explorers is considered the discoverer of America in US and European popular culture.

A    Cristopher Columbus

B    Vasco da Gama

C    James Cook

D    Amerigo Vespucci

Q2: The first successful English colony in America was

A    Plymouth Colony

B    Jamestown

C    Massachusetts Bay Colony

D    Georgia Colony

Q3: A political and mercantile protest by the Sons of Liberty in Boston, Massachusetts, on December 16, 1773, is known by the name

A    The Labor Movement

B    American civil rights movement

C    Boston Tea Party

D    The American Revolution

Q4: Before September 9, 1776, the United States of America was known as

A    United Colonies of Europe

B    United Colonies of Britain

C    Red Indian land

D    United Colonies of America

Q5: Shays' Rebellion was an armed uprising in opposition to increased government coercion in taxing individuals and in their trades in

A    Massachusetts

B    Province of New Hampshire

C    Connecticut

D    Georgia

Q6: Which laws mandated racial segregation in all public facilities in the states of the former Confederate States of America?

A    Civil right laws

B    Jim Crow laws

C    Confederate laws

D    None of these.

Q7: Martin Luther King, Jr., had won the Nobel Peace Prize for

A    outstanding achievements in space research

B    his peace efforts during the Cold war

C    his efforts to achieve equality of the races

D    his efforts in unification of East and West Germany.

Q8: Which battle is considered the turning point of the American Revolution?

A    Battle of Saratoga

B    Battle of Bunkerhill

C    Battle of Antietam

D    Battle of Shiloh

Q9: The Boston Massacre took place in the year

A    1650

B    1770

C    1850

D    1910

Q10: Who was the leader of the Sons of Liberty?

A    Martin Luther King, Jr.

B    Abraham lincoln

C    George Washington

D    Samuel Adams

Q11: Abraham Lincoln served as the _____ president of the United States

A    20th

B    15th

C    16th

D    25th

Q12: Who was the first President to live in the White House?

A    John Adams

B    George Washington

C    Abraham Lincoln

D    Franklin D. Roosevelt

Q13: Confederate president during the Civil War was?

A    Alexander H. Stephens

B    Jefferson Davis

C    Robert E. Lee

D    James Longstreet

Q14: The Louisiana Purchase refers to which of these deals

A    the acquisition of the territory of Louisiana by the United States from Britain

B    the acquisition of the territory of Louisiana by the United States from France

C    purchase of farming land in Louisiana by the French.

D    deal involving Louisiana between the French and the Bristish

Q15: Which was the last state admitted into the Union?

A    New Maxico

B    Arizona

C    Alaska

D    Hawaii

Q16: Which country gifted The Statue of Liberty to the United States

A    United Kingdom

B    Canada

C    France

D    Germany

Q17: Which was the first state to give voting rights to women.

A    Florida

B    Wyoming

C    Utah

D    Texas

Q18: First Bank of the United States was

A    Citi Bank

B    Bank of the United States

C    JP Morgan Chase & Co

D    Bank of America

Q19: The oldest stock exchange in the United States is

A    Philadelphia Stock Exchange

B    New York Stock Exchange

C    Euronext

D    B3

Q20: George Washington became the first president of the United States in the year

A    1650

B    1789

C    1805

D    1856

Q21: In 1790 the Capital of United states was moved from New York to

A    Washington DC

B    Chicago

C    Philadelphia

D    Boston