World geography GK questions

Q1: Which one of these cities is not the capital city of a country?

A    Kabul

B    Islamabad

C    Kathmandu

D    Paro

Q2: Which of these countries does not lie in Asia?

A    New Zealand

B    Philippines

C    Singapore

D    Maldives

Q3: The number of countries in Australian continent is

A    24

B    12

C    4

D    2

Q4: As a result of Brexit process, which of these countries withdrew from European Union?

A    United Kingdom

B    United States of America

C    Ukraine

D    Poland

Q5: Which continent is Brazil located in ?

A    South America

B    North America

C    Africa

D    Europe

Q6: National emblem of which of these countries shows a Lion and sword.

A    India

B    South Africa

C    Nepal

D    Sri Lanka

Q7: Japan is a country in

A    Europe

B    North America

C    Asia

D    South America

Q8: Which of these countries does not have a shore on Caspian sea?

A    Iran

B    Georgia

C    Turkmenistan

D    Russia

Q9: Tbilisi is the capital city of

A    Georgia

B    Iran

C    South Korea

D    North Korea

Q10: Pick the odd one out.

A    Washington

B    Moscow

C    Paris

D    Berlin

Q11: Which of these countries is not in North America?

A    Canada

B    United States of America

C    Jamaica

D    Argentina

Q12: Which of these countries is not in South America?

A    Brazil

B    Venezuela

C    Panama

D    Uruguay

Q13: The Hawaii islands are in

A    the Pacific ocean

B    the Atlantic ocean

C    the Arabian sea

D    the Indian ocean

Q14: What is common among the following cities

A    All are capital cities

B    All cities are in Asia

C    All are island cities

D    All cities have hosted Common wealth games

Q15: Which of these countries does not share land border with Russia?

A    Mongolia

B    Kazakhstan

C    Poland

D    Belarus

Q16: Which among these countries is the smallest in size compared to the others?

A    South Africa

B    Iraq

C    Singapore

D    Malaysia

Q17: The earth is widest at

A    Equator

B    South Pole

C    North Pole

D    None of these.

Q18: Which of these is half way between the North pole and South pole

A    Tropic of Cancer

B    Arctic circle

C    Tropic of Capricorn

D    Equator

Q19: Which of these is not a country in Europe?

A    Belarus

B    Ireland

C    Spain

D    Singapore

Q20: Which of these is not a continent?

A    North America

B    South America

C    South Africa

D    Australia