GK sports questions

Q1: Which of these players holds the record for highest number of Olympic gold medals?

A    Larisa Latynina

B    Michael Phelps

C    Usain Bolt

D    Paavo Nurmi

Q2: Which country holds the record for most olympic medals won at single olympic games?

A    U.S.S.R

B    U.S.A

C    China

D    Australia

Q3: Which of these games is not played in olympic?

A    Football

B    Hockey

C    Cricket

D    Volleyball

Q4: Which of these countries has never hosted an Olympic game?

A    Brazil

B    South Korea

C    Cuba

D    India

Q5: The number of rings in the Olympic symbol is

A    4

B    5

C    6

D    7

Q6: How many players are there in a football team. (Excluding substitutes)

A    10

B    11

C    12

D    13

Q7: How many players are there in a Volleyball team. (Excluding substitutes)

A    6

B    7

C    8

D    9

Q8: Of the following games, a match of which game is played for the longest duration?

A    Football

B    Tennis

C    Baseball

D    Test Cricket

Q9: Which country hosted 2016 Olympic games?

A    India

B    Russia

C    China

D    France

E    Japan

F    Brazil

Q10: The first modern Olympics were held at

A    Moscow in Russia

B    Athens in Greece

C    Tokyo in Japan

D    Rio in Brazil

Q11: The modern Olympic games were started in which city

A    New York

B    Olympia

C    Athens

D    Paris

Q12: The modern Olympic games were started in the year

A    1896

B    1889

C    1920

D    1947

Q13: The Olympic games are organised after every _______ years

A    3 Years

B    4 Years

C    5 Years

D    6 Years

Q14: The official Olympic motto is

A    United world

B    May the fittest win

C    hendiatris Citius, Altius, Fortius

D    Unity through sports

Q15: What is the background colour of the olympic flag?

A    Light-blue

B    White

C    Red

D    Yellow

Q16: The first commonwealth games were held in the year___

A    1920

B    1930

C    1940

D    1950

Q17: Which city hosted the first ever common wealth games?

A    Hamilton, Canada

B    London, U.K.

C    Sydney, Australia

D    New Delhi, India

Q18: The 2015 Cricket world cup was played between which two countries

A    India and Pakistan

B    Pakistan and Australia

C    Australia and New Zealand

D    England and South Africa

Q19: FIFA is responsible for the organization of which of these sports event

A    Cricket world cup

B    Hockey world cup

C    Football world cup

D    Olympic games

Q20: Which of these countries has never won a Football world cup?

A    Italy

B    Uruguay

C    France

D    United States

Q21: Which of these countries has won the football world cup only once.

A    Argentina

B    Brazil

C    Italy

D    Spain

Q22: Which country hosted the 2014 FIFA world cup.

A    Argentina

B    Brazil

C    Italy

D    Spain

Q23: What is the full form of FIFA ?

A    Fédération Internationale de Football Association

B    Football International Funding Association

C    Federation of international football associates

D    Funding international football association

Q24: Which of these countries reached the finals of FIFA football world cup finals thrice, but never won?

A    Austria

B    France

C    Sweden

D    Netherlands

Q25: Which of these is the international governing body of cricket.


B    ICC

C    PCA


Q26: Significant and celebrated sports figures of the 20th century Muhammad Ali was associated with which sports?

A    Judo

B    Boxing

C    Swimming

D    Football

Q27: LeBron James is associated with which game?

A    Basketball

B    Football

C    Volleyball

D    Baseball

Q28: Celebrated sports figures Usain Bolt belongs to

A    United States

B    Jamaica

C    Nigeria

D    Uganda